What to do if you’re injured on public transit

Personal injury prevention is always at the front of our minds when we are traveling, but what happens when we put our trust in our city or town to get us to where we need to go safely and efficiently. Public transportation has always been a great alternative to get around a city or commute… Read More

Safe Driving Tips for Spring Road Conditions

Are you planning on taking a road trip with friends or family this spring? Road trips have always held a special meaning for our family. They have accounted for some of my most fond memories with my wife and 2 children, and making sure that we arrived at our destination safe has always been a… Read More

Stephen Bulzomi: A Passion for Justice

There’s something quite magical that happens when you find your true passion. Your profession doesn’t feel like a job, nor does work actually feel like working—it’s your purpose. Evergreen Personal Injury Counsel attorney Stephen Bulzomi has built his career on fighting for his clients in personal injury cases for more than three decades. From alcohol… Read More

Common Types of Medical Negligence

When you visit a doctor, physician or medical professional, there’s a certain level of trust that goes along with it. You trust that they will competently treat your medical issue to the best of their abilities. But when that trust is violated due to negligence, it can result in a serious injury, lifelong disability or… Read More

Celebrating Safely this Holiday: Commercial & Social Host Liability

The holidays are just around the corner. For many people, this is a time for events and holiday parties. For the vast majority of partygoers, they will have a memorable time and get home safely. Unfortunately, accidents can happen due to the negligence of someone who was under the influence of alcohol. Here in Washington,… Read More

Discussing School Sports Injuries in Washington

As back-to-school season gets underway, many young athletes will be participating in such high-impact sports as football, wrestling and rugby. While the vast majority of players will have a safe and memorable season, statistics have shown that an estimated 300,000 youths in the United States will suffer from a sports-related traumatic brain injury each year.… Read More

Understanding Pedestrian Safety Laws in Washington

It’s summer time in Washington, and that means an influx of pedestrians on our city streets. Families will be out and about in the city, in popular areas like downtown Seattle and Tacoma, and any other part of the city where there are fun outdoor activities to participate in. While the vast majority of these… Read More

“No More Ducks”: Another Accident Involving Ride the Ducks of Seattle

Yes, it happened again. On Sunday, March 19, a Ride the Ducks of Seattle vehicle was involved in an accident with a sedan at Westlake Avenue N and Highland Drive. Photos of the incident showed the sedan being trapped in the front-end of the Ride the Ducks vehicle. While details are still emerging, the driver of… Read More

It’s Time for New Duck Boat Safety Laws in Washington

Last spring, I was interviewed by the Boston Herald regarding the Boston Ride the Ducks crash that led to the death of a 29-year-old woman. Since the tragic crash, there have been various duck boat-related new stories that have made headlines around the United States. In the previous month, the National Transportation Safety Board ruled the… Read More